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Sat, 14th Apr 2007

Cutting Cancer down to Size

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This week new research into cancers, how tumours arise, and new ways to combat cancer. Fiona Watt, from Cambridge University, explains how cancers contain stem cells that can cause tumours to regrow, and how healthly cells can unwittingly aid and abet their cancerous counterparts. Also, Andrew Futreal, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, joins us to explain how studying the DNA sequences of cancers might hold the key to uncovering the genetic causes of cancer and new ways to treat it. Plus, in kitchen science, Derek and Dave create an electrifying experience with slime...

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Full Transcript

  • 10:33 - Electric Slime

    Make some seemingly normal slime that behaves very strangely with electricity

  • 14:52 - Do genes affect our skills?

    How do genes recognise things that start out being skills such as musical ability, artistic ability, or even football skills? For example, apart from me no one among my brothers and sisters are musical.

  • 25:08 - Cancer and Stem Cells

    Fiona Watt explains how stem cells are a major player in cancer growth, and may be the key to finding new cures.

  • 31:49 - Decoding the Cancer Genome

    Dr Andrew Futreal tell us about identifying faulty genes in tumours, and how these could be used for targeted therapy.

  • 38:58 - How do whales drink seawater?

    Whales are mammals, but they only consume salt water. This would be dangerous for land mammals, so do sea mammals filter out the salt?

  • 40:23 - Is skin cancer moe common now?

    Why does skin cancer seem so much more prevalent now? Is it a new disease, or did people not talk about cancer in the old days?



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