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Sat, 7th Jul 2007

The Brain, Epilepsy and Out of Body Experiences

The human brain (c) WriterHound @ Wikipedia

This week news that men talk as much as women, cosmetics from jellyfish, songbirds "greatest-tits", a breathtaking asthma breakthrough and a gene-screen for bowel cancer. We also uncover the cause of contagious yawns, probe the brain basis of epilepsy and manic depression, and uncover a brain region responsible for out of body experiences. Plus, in Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave find out why the raisins always rise to the top of the cereal box.


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  • 12:05 - Raising Raisins

    Why do raisins always rise to the top of a box of muesli?

  • 15:33 - Does suncream go off?

    Suncream manufacturers say you should buy new stuff every year, as the previous yearís cream loses its effectiveness. True? Or just a marketing scam to keep up sales?

  • 16:10 - Does a corpse still tan?

    My question is somewhat creepy. If a person is at the beach, lying in the sun, and dies, will his body continue to become more tanned? (Eww... I know.)

  • 17:10 - Is DNA transferred in a transfusion?

    I give blood, so is it possible that people who have had a transfusion could be carrying my DNA?

  • 18:06 - Why does celery make my tongue numb?

    I have a question which needs some arbitrating. When I eat raw celery my tongue goes a bit numb, but by girlfriend doesnít believe me. Iíve looked on the internet, but havenít seen any definitive answers about what causes this phenomenon, or whether this even really exists.

  • 20:16 - Why do we Yawn?

    Hereís a puzzle that science has yet to solve; itís something we all do, itís contagious and even animals are affected. It is, of course, yawning. But why do we do it?

  • 26:22 - Science Update - Blood and Healing

    This week, Bob and Chelsea talk us through blood based bandages and the benefits of cut-sucking.

  • 28:47 - Epilepsy

    Most people are familiar with epilepsy, we may have friends and relatives who suffer from seisures, but the disease it a bit more complicated than that.

  • 41:08 - With home electrical wiring, why should the wires oxidise?

    With home electrical wiring, why should the wires oxidise? Would it depend on how often the wires are used? Does it matter if they are insulated?

  • 41:36 - Bipolar disorder

    Bipolar disorder, also known as Manic Depression, is one of the most common neuropsychiatric disorders. We spoke to Prof. Nick Craddock to find out more about the disease, and the damage it can do to sufferers and their families.

  • 54:28 - Is there a limit to memory capacity?

    Homer Simpson once said; ďEvery time I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brainĒ. Iím a history student, and as I sit here memorising the last 50 years of the EEC am I simultaneously forgetting potentially more important information, such as my sisterís birth...

  • 55:53 - Why do certain foods trigger panic attacks?

    Why do certain foods trigger panic attacks, and sometimes depression?



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I have to say that I almost never listen to the show (probably a treasonable offence, but so be it); but the above does sound interesting, and makes a lot of sense to me, as I always felt that eating a solid (fairly lean) steak (not hamburgers, or reformed meat, or alike) was far better for you than many other foods (particularly green foods) simply because I felt like I was working at it more. another_someone, Sat, 14th Jul 2007

i caught this show late, and it would seem that i posted a topic that was on the show. many apologies.

although, now i have listened to the show. it does raise a few questions that i will ask.

as for the question, comment Chris made about celery. This is what Dr Karl has to say:, Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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