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Sat, 5th Jul 2008

Body Clocks and Circadian Rhythms

An old style alarm clock (c) Jorge Barrios

Give yourself the time to listen to this week's Naked Scientists Show, where we find out about the Body Clock!  We discover the constant chemical cascade that keeps your clock in check, and how not seeing the sun leads to S.A.D.  We probe the plant clock to explore how trees tell the time, and why even plants can suffer from jetlag.  Plus, why Stradivarius' violins sound so good, why fun size snacks may be making you fat and how cuttlefish sneak a peak at their future food.  Also, in Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave get water from flames!

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Full Transcript

  • 36:51 - Plants have Body Clocks too!

    We know our body clocks control when we need to eat, sleep and perform other important functions. But what about plants? Do roses get restless and geraniums get jetlag?

  • 44:26 - Why can't we remember our dreams?

    I was wondering why it was so difficult for us to remember our dreams when we wake up in the morning?



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Your show is too short!  Why not ask for another hour at least?

I tried to e-mail you at the start of your programme but, having realised I was having problems with my Outlook and that the e-mail was stuck in my Outbox for 20 minutes, I cancelled trying to send the e-mail, deleted it, and restarted the computer.    When I went back into my Outlook and realised it was working again the programme was nearly over!

What my question was why is it am I an "owl"?  I was trying to listen whilst sorting out my e-mail, but missed the reason why we differ from "larks"!

It really messes me up when the clocks go forward for seven months each year and I hate it in October when I feel we should be on GMT, the mornings are dark, yet it is still "summer" time!  I am permanently set on GMT!

Enjoyed the show anyway! Lynda, Sun, 6th Jul 2008

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