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Sat, 13th Sep 2008

Why do we Stop Noticing Smells?

Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 flag (c) Chris Howells

There's a bulging mailbag of science questions for the Naked Scientists this week, as we find out why we stop smelling smells, whether we can use viruses to kill cancer and why crisp and sweet packets make so much noise?  Also, how unmanned spy-planes can speed up medical diagnoses in rural countries, how Internet anti-spam technology is helping to interpret ancient manuscripts, and the first water bears in orbit - how tardigrades survived a trip into space, without a suit! Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave shows you how to impale a potato using only a drinking straw!

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  • 22:06 - How does a Newton’s Cradle work?

    How does a Newton’s Cradle work? In school I was taught that the mass X velocity = mass X velocity. In other words, one ball in means one ball out. The teacher pulled back two balls and let go. The two balls at the other end of the contraption went up about the same distance as t...

  • 23:45 - A drop of water contains one molecule per litre of water on Earth!

    The molecules in a single drop of water diluted evenly in the Earth’s oceans would result in the density of one molecule per litre of sea water. In other words, if you made one little drop of water go into the sea somewhere, given enough time, there’s enough molecules in one drop...

  • 26:27 - Does Sunblock stop vitamin D production?

    You have to spend 10-20 minutes in the sun to make vitamin D. Since I moved to Australia I’ve also been told how important it is to wear sun block. My question is, does wearing sun block affect the rate that vitamin D gets formed at? Is there no difference?

  • 28:50 - The BA Festival and The Culture of Science

    This year's BA festival was held in Liverpool - the European City of Culture. Lord Robert Winston explains why a culture of science



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For three days after the show aired the webcam was still live and visable from the main / index forum page., Sun, 21st Sep 2008

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