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Sun, 10th May 2009

Mosquito Microbes and the Launch of Planck

Launch of Hubble (c) NASA

In this NewsFlash, we find out how a diet of glycerol makes yeast live longer, how microbes in mosquitoes can block malaria, and how planting trees could reduce your electricity bills.  We hear about the European Space Agency's Planck and Herschel missions, due to launch this week to study the formation of galaxies and the fate of the universe.  Plus, Sarah Castor-Perry takes us back to this week in Science History.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 09:46 - Studying Space - The Launch of Planck and Herschel

    Thursday 14th May, all being well, we are going to see the launch of the European Space Agency’s Herschel and Planck missions which are studying the formation of stars and galaxies and background radiation, all sorts of exciting things. Dr Anthony Challinor joined us to explain...

  • 15:16 - This Week in Science History - Valence Theory

    This week in science history saw, in 1852, the publication of a paper by Edward Frankland describing the valence theory of why chemical elements bond with only a certain number of other elements. Sarah Castor-Perry explains more...



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