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Sat, 3rd Oct 2009

Catching Up with Cancer Research

A Prostate Cancer Cell (c) Cancer Research UK Electron Microscopy Unit

This week, we catch up with the latest from the front line of cancer research.  Kat Arney reports from the National Cancer Research Institute's annual conference, we find out how proton therapy is promising for targeting tumours and look at the hormones and stem cells involved in breast cancer.  Also, the role of aspirin in the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, how recession could be healthy and tuning in to the Earth's vibrations.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, we show you how to see using sound!

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Full Transcript

  • 14:08 - The National Cancer Research Institute Annual Conference

    Our own Kat Arney reports from the National Cancer Research Institute Annual Conference in Birmingham...

  • 17:39 - Proton Therapy

    Proton therapy - a type of radiotherapy using beams of charged ions to target tumours, could avoid some of the collateral damage of traditional radiotherapy. Professor Karen Kirkby explains more...

  • 24:58 - Breast Cancer and Stem Cells

    Stem cells are known for their ability to regenerate and differentiate to form lots of the cells in our bodies. But as well as this crucial role in our growth and development, it seems that rogue stem cells might be at the heart of cancer formation in many cases including breas...

  • 32:51 - Is the gene GSK3 owned by GlaxoSmithKline?

    Is it called GSK3 because it’s owned by GlaxoSmithKline?

  • 33:12 - Does vitamin C treat cancer?

    Is it true that vitamin C helps to cure cancer or perhaps even prevent it? And if so, how’s that possible?

  • 34:54 - Blocking Oestrogen in Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the UK and it affects around 45,000 women and around 300 men every year. Although survival rates are improving year-on-year, there are thousands of people who still lose their lives to breast cancer. And often, this is because h...

  • 40:35 - Echolocation

    Build your own primitive sonar with a computer and a microphone, and find out how this relates to medical ultrasound.

  • 48:44 - Can anti-perspirant cause cancer?

    “I’ve just received an email claiming that using an anti-perspirant can possibly cause breast cancer. Is there any proof in this? I’ve been using an anti-perspirant for many years.”

  • 51:45 - How do sharks make blood?

    I know that blood is made inside the cavity of our bones. Given that sharks are cartilaginous fish, how do they make blood?

  • 54:30 - Where is an elephant’s bone marrow?

    Where is an elephant’s bone marrow? Can you please give me some more details on elephant bones? Where does its red cells get formed in the first place?



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