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Mon, 12th Apr 2010

Early Humans and Volcanoes on Venus

global view of the surface of Venus (c) NASA

In this Newsflash, we find out about a new species of early human, active volcanoes on Venus, sushi-digesting genes found in the human intestine and a new form of nanowire. Plus, we hear about a new drug to fight tumours.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • New Species of Early Human – Australopithecus or Homo?

    A new species of early human has been described this week – Australopithecus sediba. And it looks like it’s a key member of the family as it links the more archaic, small-brained ‘australopithecine’ with the more modern species of Homo.

  • Active volcanoes found on Venus

    Suzanne Smrekar and colleagues have been studying Venus using an instrument on the ESA Venus Express mission and found active volcanoes...

  • Sushi-digesting marine gene turns up in human intestines

    Scientists have discovered that bacteria inhabiting the intestines of Japanese sushi-eaters have picked up seaweed-digesting genes from marine microbes!

  • Boron Carbide Nanowires

    One of the hottest areas of materials science is the development of composite materials that combine the useful features of two or more pure materials. It is often useful to mix the materials as thoroughly as possible but this can be difficult as you get smaller, because the par...

  • New Peptide to Fight Tumours

    Researchers in California have shown how a new drug, called iRGD, can help to fight tumours by boosting levels of chemotherapy agents just in the cancer...



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