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Sat, 23rd Oct 2010

AIDS to conquering HIV

HIV Viruses (c) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) goes under the microscope this week. We find out how the virus hijacks cells to construct new HIV particles and hear how close scientists are to developing a vaccine to block infection. In the news, we learn how bitter taste receptors in the lungs could lead to new asthma treatments, how our ancestors enjoyed some veg with their meat and how gene therapy could offer a way out of depression. Plus, how Lego is helping university students build a creative career in the world of engineering...

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  • 02:09 - Asthma discovery leaves a bitter taste in the... lungs?

    It's well-known that human tongues can taste five sensations – sweet, salt, bitter,sour and the mysterious umami. This is due to different molecular receptors in our tastebuds. But research from scientists in the US has shown that bitter taste receptors actually play a role in...

  • 04:44 - Gene Therapy for Depression

    A gene injected into one region of the brain might hold the key to treating depressed patients who fail to respond to conventional therapies.

  • 08:02 - The Most Distant Object Ever Confirmed

    Astronomers have confirmed the sighting of the most distant galaxy ever recorded. It's light was emitted when the universe was in it's infancy, only 600 million years old, and has travelled for over 13 billion years to reach us. Professor Malcolm Bremer explains it's significa...

  • 14:39 - Vegetables with your Mammoth Steak Sir?

    Archaeologists working a several sites across Europe have found evidence that our stone age ancestors were more partial to palaeolithic vegetables than we first thought...

  • 16:19 - Planet Earth - Measuring Earth's Magnetic Field

    The Earth is under constant bombardment by a 1 million mile per hour maelstrom of charged particles that continuously stream out of the Sun. We’re protected from this solar wind by the Earth’s magnetic field luckily, but a sudden surge in solar activity can nonetheless overcome...

  • 21:38 - Naked Engineering - Engineering with Lego!

    This year, Cambridge University Engineering students had the chance to re-live their childhood, and play with Lego in lessons! Meera and Dave found out more...

  • 30:10 - Assembling HIV - How HIV uses your own cellular mechanics

    HIV is the agent that causes AIDS and is responsible for probably the worst pandemic that human kind has ever encountered. According to UNAIDS, there were up to 36 million people living with the virus in 2008 and in that same year, there were about 7,500 new HIV infections occu...

  • 40:55 - Developing an HIV Vaccine

    When HIV was first discovered about 30 years ago, there was significant optimism that we’d soon have a vaccine with which we could tackle that problem. But three decades later, there still isn’t one and to explain why, and how he’s trying to solve the problem, from the National...

  • 50:56 - Why can't he see red or green ink on a whiteboard?

    I have a friend who can't see anything written in red or green on a whiteboard. Being the curious person I am, I've tried to get him to explain why this is - but unfortunately he can't remember much of the diagnosis. I've also tried to search on the internet but cannot find one s...



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