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Sun, 12th Dec 2010

Why's Graphene Great?

Graphene - a carbon lattice (c) Dr Thomas Szkopek

Graphene is the focus of this week's Naked Scientists, including how it holds the key to the super-flexible touch screen displays of tomorrow, super-light composites and the next generation of computer chips. In the news, a breakthrough in understanding Alzheimer's Disease, why glider pilots should be paying more attention to how falcons fly and why a new exoplanet has led astronomers to question current theories of planetary formation. Plus, we celebrate the first chunk of cheese to make it into orbit and ask if there's any evidence of a health benefit from wearing magnetic bracelets...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 01:57 - New High Density Ultracapacitors

    A new extra high density ultracapacitor has been built with a similar energy density to batteries.

  • 04:29 - An Insect’s Eye View of the World

    A new database could help to establish how bees see flowers, helping researchers understand more about bees, one of the world’s most important pollinators...

  • 07:18 - What Causes Alzheimer's Disease?

    Alzheimer's disease is a common cause of cognitive decline among elderly people. An estimated one in every five adults over the age of 80 is affected and will develop a range of symptoms including memory loss. The cause of the disease is a build up in the brain of a protein cal...

  • 14:25 - Glider Pilots Should Learn From Falcons

    The strategies uesd by falcons may be useful for glider pilots and unmanned air vehicles

  • 21:44 - Planet Earth Online - Monitoring Red Squirrels

    In this week’s episode of Planet Earth we’re looking at one of Britain's best loved mammals, the elusive red squirrel. They have been under threat from a squirrel pox for a number of years and in 2008, the virus decimated numbers of one of the few remaining reserves at Formby, ...

  • 26:39 - Naked Engineering - Making Graphene

    Dave and Meera visited the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at Cambridge University to find out how graphene was first extracted, and see it in use as a basic LCD display screen...

  • 34:09 - When Sticky Tape is Not Enough - Ways to Manufacture Graphene

    Physicists might use sticky tape to extract and test graphene, but that's not much use when it comes to making consumer electronics. Dr Karl Coleman explains other means of manufacture...

  • 41:36 - Applications of Graphene

    Graphene is a very versatile material which we should soon see turning up in a range of applications. Dave spoke to James Tour, Professor of Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Computer Science at RICE University to learn more about graphene and its applicati...

  • 52:22 - How does Graphene compare to Buckminsterfullerine?

    How does graphene compare to buckminsterfullerine, which are known as bucky balls, as they were supposed to be a wonderful lubricant, but turned out to be too sticky.

  • 53:50 - Is Blood Magnetic?

    I received a brochure advertising all things magnetic and claiming to cure all sorts for ailments like snoring if this object was put up the nostrils, and all sorts of aches and pains if worn on different parts of the body. Please, can you advise me if there was any evidence at ...



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