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Sun, 16th Jan 2011

Do Metal Spinal Implants Lure Lightning?

Lightning (c) Postdlf @ Wikimedia

Does a metal implant turn a person into a living lightning-conductor or radio receiver, is eye-size important, why is frost bad for freezers, where did the first organic molecules come from, what happens to sparkling drinks in space and why does a bump on the head make you see stars? This week, join Chris, Sarah and Dave as they pit their wits against the latest crop of your top questions. Plus, why making new computer chips looks set to become easy PC, how stem cells can get to the heart of Long QT Syndrome, feeding the world in 2050 and a new musical device to keep the drummer in the driving seat...

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  • 02:01 - Maskless chips

    A quicker cheaper way of making computer chips has been developed that allows small numbers of a chip to be made economically.

  • 04:34 - Stem cell help for Long QT

    Sufferers of a heart condition that runs in families and can cause sudden cardiac death, especially amongst the young, could look forward to new treatments for the disease thanks to a novel stem cell technique announced this week...

  • 08:41 - Can we feed the world in 2050?

    The problem of how we might feed the earth’s population in the future has come under further scrutiny this week with the publication of Agrimonde – a book that is the summation of two years of work by two French institutions...

  • 14:16 - Tough metallic glasses

    Tougher glasses have been developed than ever before that can both be strong and impact resistant

  • 17:00 - Letting the Drummer Set the Pace

    Traditionally, the drummer in a band is there to set and to maintain the pace of the music. But if pre-recorded samples and backing tracks are included in the performance instead the drummer has to try and keep time with them. Now though, a new computer programme, which has be...

  • 23:01 - How much CO2 does a car contribute?

    If my car emits 218g per km, that equates to 11227g per gallon. A gallon of petrol weighs 3306g, were does all the extra mass come from? Air (inc CO2) is sucked through the engine in the ratio of 14 parts to one of fuel, so are we weighing CO2 that was already in the atmosphere.

  • 27:09 - Will gritted roads hurt wildlife?

    Will gritted roads hurt wildlife?

  • 29:18 - Do surgical implants attract lightning?

    My friend had a huge operation to correct double scolliosis and i have spent considerable time helping her recover. The operation involved fusing a titanium rod to her spine, to replace but not remove an old surgical steel one. I have nicknamed her the lightning rod as she is pet...

  • 31:52 - Planet Earth - Bower Bird Mimicry

    Richard Hollingham goes to Edinburgh Zoo to investigate Bower birds. These are natives of Australia and Papua New Guinea which build impressive bauers to attract mates. But it also turns out that they are highly impressive mimics...

  • 35:47 - How is cerebrospinal fluid pressure controlled?

    I was just wondering if you know what the mechanism is that controls your CSF pressure?

  • 38:35 - Do large eyes see better than small ones?

    Dear Naked Scientists, Do large eyes see better than small ones?  Does size matter (in eyes)? There are three possible answers: 1) There are more light gathering rods and cones of someone with a larger retina than a smaller one, which would result in a higher resolution im...

  • 40:19 - Is gravity getting stronger?

    With all of the dust falling on our planet, and the occasional rock like the one from 65 million years ago, has this increased the gravity of our planet since it was first formed, and if so, by how much?

  • 52:15 - Can a lobster drown?

    If a lobster is taken out of water and can breathe, does it drown after going back into water?

  • 54:11 - Why does a bump on the head make you see stars?

    In the 8th grade I played full back for my football team. The play was a simple off tackle pitch with me as a lead blocker. I came around the corner, and went face-to-face with their middle linebacker, who I can best describe as a 6 foot fridge with legs. It was a beautiful hit...



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