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Sat, 21st May 2011

Scratch 'n Sneeze - Science of Allergies

Close up of peanuts (c) USDA Photo by Alice Welch

This week's Naked Scientists is not to be sneezed at - we're looking at the science of allergies!  We explore what happens to cause your body to overreact to harmless things, and find out how potentially fatal peanut allergy can be cured.  Plus, how a dose of parasites could keep allergies at bay, and how special filters can engineer a breath of extremely fresh air!

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  • 01:40 - Amazing Amazonian geometry

    Psychologists have been testing Amazonian tribespeople to reveal if humans grasp concepts of geometry from looking at the world around us...

  • 06:59 - Gossip makes faces more memorable

    Gossip you hear about others affects whether you even see them, a new study has shown.

  • 09:38 - Regulatory T cells trigger immunity to transplant rejection

    UK scientists have made big step forward in the field of organ transplantation. King’s College researcher Robert Lechler and his colleagues have found a way to purify a rare population of immune cells called T-regs, short for regulatory T-cells, which help to switch off immune ...

  • 16:54 - Sweet solution to water purification

    Scientists have developed a sugar-fuelled chemical filter to clean up contaminated water.

  • 19:37 - Planet Earth Online - Ash Fall

    In April 2010, a previously dormant volcano in Iceland released a massive ash cloud that closed most Europe’s air space and disrupted millions of people’s travel plans. Planet Earth podcast presenter Sue Nelson was one of those people stranded abroad, so she welcomed the chanc...

  • 24:46 - Curing Peanut Allergies

    Food allergies are relatively common – figures from the US suggest that up to 8% of young children and 3.7% of adults are affected. In many cases it’s little more than a nuisance, but for some, exposure can be fatal. Dr Pamela Ewan joins us from Addenbrooke’s hospital, where th...

  • 34:35 - Parasites and Allergies

    Allergic conditions were virtually unheard of before the 19th century, and this has led some people to suggest that leading an overly hygienic life may increase the tendency for the immune system to react to things that it would normally ignore. To tell us more, Professor Rick ...

  • 40:37 - Naked Engineering - Filtering our Air Supply

    We explore how filters can be designed to provide a breath of truly clean air...

  • 55:58 - How much petrol should I put in my car?

    Is there an optimum level to which you should fill your car's petrol tank so it doesn't just use the excess energy simply to carry the petrol around? Do vehicle manufacturers make the capacity of the petrol tank the perfect size with this in mind?   Thanks for the great show  ...



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