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Sun, 27th Nov 2011

Imaging the Invisible

white blood cells (c)

This week, how immune cells can be caught on camera as they exit blood vessels, a new design of lensless microscope and one that sees cells in 3D, how sound and heat can be used to find faults in materials and how something as small as an atom can be seen under an electron microscope. Plus, news that nerve transplants can correct metabolic disorders, the World's first fishhook, bionic contact lenses that project emails into your eyes, are statins safe and why are mirror reflections still blurry close up for the shortsighted...

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  • 22:52 - First seafaring fisherman

    The world's oldest tackle, together with evidence of deep-sea fishing 40,000 years ago, has been unearthed in East Timor.

  • 25:15 - A Diode for light

    A Diode for light has been constructed, a true one way mirror.

  • 37:21 - Alien Hikers - Planet Earth Online

    We explore how invasive plant species can affect landscapes and indigenous wildlife...

  • 42:39 - Imaging with heat

    Now most people will have seen a thermal camera - a special type of camera that can detect the far infrared radiation that's emitted by hot things. These are used by rescue workers to find injured people and also by the police to find hiding criminals. They’re also incredibly ...

  • 48:08 - Imaging with sound

    One technique which will probably be familiar with from medicine is sonography or imaging with sound. To find out how ultrasonic waves can help us see inside metal components, I met Bristol University’s Professor Bruce Drinkwater...

  • 51:58 - What does imaging atoms really show us?

    There are certain types of microscopy, that can, apparently, show us atoms but what are we really seeing? Are we seeing atoms? Are we seeing electron clouds? What does it really show us?”

  • 54:32 - Why couldn't I focus on a reflection when close to the mirror?

    While getting ready for work one morning I encountered something I can't figure out. I wear glasses and without them objects are blurry unless I get very close, within a few inches.  I always take my glasses off when I blow dry my hair in the morning.  While standing in front ...

  • Statins in the water?

    Cholesterol-lowering "statin" drugs are safe and a very effective way to reduce the risk of heart attacks, new research has confirmed.



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