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Sat, 28th Apr 2012

Is there such a thing as a "girls' throw"?

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D'oes exercise lead to a more muscular heart?  Why can an unfit cyclist cycle faster than an olympic runner runs?  How do kinetic watches work?  We answer your questions in this week's Naked Scientists Podcast, and find out why so many dead bugs end up on their backs, how salmonella gets into an egg, and if it's more efficient to fill your freezer than run it half empty?  In the news we hear how farming migrated across Europe, why distant stars might have influenced life on Earth, and why rogue DNA can cause heart failure.  Plus, we home in on the parts of the pigeon brain that respond to magnetic fields...

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  • 01:47 - How do kinetic watches work?

    Hi Chris Just listened to your podcast on Circadian Rhythms - excellent as always - which led me to wonder about the kinetic watch on my wrist. I don't need to wind it nor replace batteries. I understand that this is because my wrist moves about so much during the day that ...

  • 03:05 - Why are so many dead bugs lying on their back?

    Seems very hard for a bug to flip itself over. Why would it waste it's last breath turning over? Or do healthy bugs that somehow get flipped over just die? Seems like a terrible design flaw in otherwise amazing creatures. Evolution should have fixed that! Mike

  • 04:58 - Why can I cycle faster than the fastest runner?

    Hiya - congratulations on your podcasts. Here's a question for you: Wikipedia tells me that the men's 1 mile running record is held by Hicham El Guerrouj at 3 mins 43.13 secs. This, according to my maths, equates to 16.03 mph. Needless to say El Guerrouj is an elite athlete! ...

  • 07:43 - Is microwaving food safe?

    I have read your article regarding heating up food in a microwave in plastic and I understand what you said. I recently read an article where a student watered plants with water that was heated in a microwave and within 9 days the plant died. Any truth in this statement? If I ...

  • 09:32 - How does salmonella get into an egg?

    Naked Scientists, Love your show & appreciate what you do. I have a problem - I can't keep my fingers out of the raw cookie dough! I know food poisoning can come from raw eggs though. Does the bacteria come from the outside of the shell or can it really be passed on to...

  • 11:31 - Farming moved with ancient migrants

    One of archaeology's greatest questions, "did farming move across Europe with knowledge or people?" is now closer to being answered.

  • 14:14 - Why do salts dissolve better in warm water, but not gases?

    Chris, here's a question of the week for you. I use lots of soda water with a home charging unit, and the first thing I learned is to chill the water before injecting the CO2. Otherwise the gas is poorly absorbed, and the water doesn't have much fizz. On the other hand, ...

  • 17:33 - When looking at distant objects, are we looking at the past?

    Id like to know about seeing things light years away. I understand that we see things when the light arrives to our vision on Earth, but I wanted to ask when we see objects light years away, are we looking into the past?

  • 32:31 - Does exercise lead to a bigger heart?

    I was wondering about the fibres in the muscle of the heart. I understand that most muscles in the rest of our body become thicker and bigger as a response to intense workout such as lifting weights or anything like that, but when we do cardio intensive workouts, does that lead ...

  • 35:16 - Why would raspberries spark in a microwave?

    Why would raspberries spark in a microwave?

  • 42:21 - Should I completely fill my freezer?

    All other things being equal, is it more efficient to keep the kitchen freezer packed to its limits or does it take less energy to keep it going if its empty?

  • 44:40 - Is there such a thing as a "girl's throw"?

    Why do girls all "throw like girls"? Is there something in their physiology that prevents the fairer sex from throwing a ball properly? Steve Slack

  • 55:34 - Why don't women have beards?

    I guess that the gene that codes for men having hairy chests and backs is an evolutionary advantage in response to an environmental pressure. But why don't women have beards and hairy chests in response to the same pressures?

  • How pigeons pick up Earth's magnetic field

    Scientists have detected the parts of a pigeon's brain that enable it to use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate, new research has revealed...



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