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Sat, 11th Aug 2012

Do Dogs Understand People?

Dogs - Social animals (c) Adam.J.W.C.

What happens if you're exposed to the vacuum of space? Is using a mobile phone on a flight safe? Which is more contagious - a cough or a sneeze?  This week we answer your sticky science questions, such as what makes Jam set? And how does ironing work?  Plus, we meet the very first lumberjacks, locate the dark matter in our locality and find out how a small electric pulse can stop a seizure in its tracks...

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  • 01:37 - How can I intrepret my cat's feelings?

    Sir Could you please try and tell me what my cat is feeling? When I get up in the mornings he waits for me and meows, I think he is letting me know there is nothing in his dish so place some food in it. After a while he comes over to me and wants the side of his head rubbe...

  • 06:13 - Can black holes lose enough mass to stop being black holes?

    I have a question regarding Black Holes. Since Black holes can lose mass by Hawking Radiation, is it possible for them to lose sufficient mass to no longer be a Black Hole, and become, say, a Neutron Star? Mark Anderson Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  • 11:31 - What happens if you're exposed to the vacuum of space?

    Hello, excellent show...i'm an addict. I have a theoretical question about being exposed to outer space. if a person were to be instantly exposed to outer space, perhaps something like an astronaut opening his/her space suit while floating outside there vehicle, would the per...

  • 12:54 - Will ice melt in a cold, dark vacuum?

    Will ice melt in dark vacuum if the temperature of the base on which it is kept is equal to its temperature?

  • 13:44 - The First Lumberjacks

    Scientists at Tel Aviv University have discovered and analysed some remarkable stone age tools that they say are the first evidence of humans felling trees to clear agricultural land, and to use wood as a building material.

  • 16:43 - Dark matter close to home

    A paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society this week reports a detection of dark matter in the vicinity of our own Sun.

  • 22:03 - How does ironing work?

    Dear Dr. Chris, I did my ironing last night while listening to Naked Astronomy and realized that you might be able to answer some questions I have about this humble household chore. First, I am guessing that the heat and pressure of the iron do something to relax the fiber...

  • 24:37 - Why do some airlines permit the use of mobile phones?

    Dear Chris, Fact of fiction: do cell phones affect the operations of aeroplanes and why is it that some airlines allow the use of cell phones while airborne? Kind regards, Rebone

  • 26:31 - Stopping A Seizure in its Tracks

    Scientists have come up with a way to use pulses of electricity to stop certain forms of epileptic seizure...

  • 31:11 - Brown Water - Planet Earth Online

    If youíve ever turned on a tap for a glass of cool clear water and watched brown water coming out instead, then youíll know that itís less than appealing. Although it can still be safe to drink, brown water is a problem in parts of Scotland and where there are private water supp...

  • 39:20 - Why is some rain heavier than other rain?

    Rain falls from clouds as we know, the thing that attracts it is gravity. We get light rain and we get heavy rain. The distance of the clouds above us is the same, droplets will be slightly bigger and so on, but why do we get heavier rain that beats incessantly and bounces off ...

  • 41:47 - Does light need a medium in order to travel?

    Does light need a medium in order to travel?

  • 43:16 - Which is more contagious - a cough or a sneeze?

    Hello Naked Scientists, I love your show. I only recently discovered your series and from my first introduction, was immediately impressed with the high-quality of production, depth of knowledge, and over all fun everyone put into each episode. I immediately download the enti...

  • 45:15 - Why would someone have a constantly wet head?

    I've got a friend and her hair absolutely amazes me. I keep getting a hair drier, I will dry her hair bone dry. Within 15 minutes, all the perspiration will be pouring down her forehead, down in the back of her neck, her clothes get wet. I asked my doctor why her hair, winter ...

  • 47:11 - What is the temperature inside a black hole?

    Hi Chris If a Black Hole's gravitational pull is so strong that light itself (and I presume all aspects of the Electro Magnetic Radiation) cannot escape from it, what (if any) temperature would a Black Hole be at its surface if or within? (assuming it is either equal to or jus...

  • 48:14 - What makes jam set, or not?

    I make jam at home, and the recipes I use are always very specific about the amount of sugar and fruit to be combined with the pectin. While attempting to make jam a few weeks ago, I was short 1/2 a cup of fruit, but decided to go for it anyways. Unfortunately, it never s...

  • 51:37 - Why don't Saturn's rings aggregate to form moons?

    Naked Astronomy, We know that planets form around stars when all the left-over gas and dust clumps together to form them. I would like to know why all the material that makes up the rings of Saturn doesn't do the same thing. It seems logical that it would come together to fo...

  • 53:47 - Is making vitamin D akin to human photosynthesis?

    Hello I'm David from The States and i have 2 questions about the same thing. I heard that we get vitamin D from the sun if that's true does that mean that to a point we go through a kind of photosynthesis? And, if so, does sunblock block the Vitamin D getting to us? Se...

  • Do we have a finite number of heartbeats?

    As one interested in physical fitness (but now age 65) I have wondered about the theory that "we all have a certain number of heartbeats programmed into us. If some other factor doesn't end our lives, we'll run out of heartbeats." The practical question I have from this is ...



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