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Sat, 29th Sep 2012

Dodging Death: Growing Old in Good Health

A mature chap wearing a trilby (c) Ahmet Demirel

How can we stay sharp as a senior citizen?  This week, we explore the different biological approaches to understanding healthy ageing, discover a protein that may prevents age-related nerve degeneration and find out how to preserve cognitive function as we age.  Plus, why Eunuchs lived longer, and how to turn trousers into catalytic converters that filter polluted air!

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  • 01:08 - Ageing and Bioscience at the Babraham Institute

    Understanding age and age related diseases involves research at every level – from populations through individuals, their organs and separate cells, and even down to the molecular domain. These approaches were brought together recently for conference on Ageing and Bioscience, h...

  • 09:50 - Why Senior Moments Are Not Inevitable

    Even with normal healthy ageing, we expect to see a decline in our cognitive functions over time. The Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN) was setup to try and understand how this happens and to find ways to extend our cognitive functions into old age...

  • 16:59 - Long-lived eunuchs

    Eunuchs - men who were castrated as children – live up to 19 years longer than intact males, according to research by scientists in South Korea. But what caused this increased longevity?

  • 20:26 - Catalytic Clothing Cleans Polluted Air

    Laundry detergent containing a special additive could convert clothes into pollution-busting air filters, according to research funded by the EPSRC...

  • 26:25 - Foetal DNA in Mum’s Brain

    Male DNA, almost certainly left over from a male foetus, has been found lurking in women’s brains, according to research published in PloS One this week. It’s unclear what effect this may have on maternal health.

  • 28:43 - The bright-side bias

    The brain basis of the human tendency to always look on the bright side has been revealed by new research.

  • 53:37 - Would self bone marrow transplants reverse aging?

    I was trying to think of a way to reverse aging. And I thought about all errors that accumulate in your DNA over the years and I wandered what would happen if you donated blood at an early age and then received transfusions of your own blood when you were older? I assume there...



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