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Mon, 13th May 2013

Genomics - Hope or hype?

Dnahelix_genetic_fingerprint (c)

Genetic technology is expanding at a pace that few can keep up with, with huge amounts of data being generated every week. But is this explosion of information delivering meaningful advances for patients? Plus, how one scientist tracked down the gene fault behind his own disease, what sequencing the HeLa genome means for genetic privacy, and a Pythonesque gene of the month.

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  • 09:22 - Turtle genome comes out of its shell

    New data from the turtle genome has helped to shed light on the evolutionary mystery surrounding these unusual creatures.

  • 10:44 - Converting bad fat to good

    Scientists in Switzerland are the first to show that the two different types of fat in mammals - brown and white fat - can be switched

  • 25:33 - Can bacteria lose resistance to drugs?

    The genome of a bacterium is flexible, perhaps, but it is finite. As bugs evolve resistance to new chemicals, is it possible that resistance to older drugs - particularly those no longer in the environment - may be disrupted or lost? Ed Wilson

  • 27:45 - Gene of the month - INDY

    And finally, our gene of the month is INDY, short for I’m Not Dead Yet. It owes its name to a scene in a Monty Python film.

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