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Wed, 7th Aug 2013

Mapping out the Milky Way

Black Hole Merger (c) NASA

This week we hear from the astronomers who are mapping out the Milky Way to work out where its stars came from. In the news, new evidence of a link between anorexia and autism, how the greenhouse effect is about more than just CO2, a new breathalyzer that tracks fat, and the world's first artificial burger. Plus, how do temperature sensitive mugs work, and why do feet smell so bad?

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  • 20:33 - Toilet Hacking

    A Japanese toilet manufacturer has found that their high-tech models are susceptible to hackers...

  • 24:02 - How does heat sensitive paint work?

    Evening Chris, I have a large mug. Not a massive face, or a much put-upon size 20 wife, but a receptacle from which to consume large amounts of tea. I have a good understanding of the world about me, and know how most things work, but not this. On the side of my mug, is...

  • 35:00 - Mapping the Milky Way

    The Gaia spacecraft, scheduled for launch by the European Space Agency this autumn, will make the most detailed map of our galaxy ever made.

  • 47:09 - Doing archaeology in the Milky Way

    By dating stars and looking at how they're moving, astronomers are trying to work out where the stars of the Milky Way came from.



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