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Mon, 5th May 2014

Fascinating Fossils

Tetrapod (c) Julia Molnar, Stephanie E Pierce, The Royal Veterinary College.

In front of a live audience at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith is joined by three paleontologists to discuss fascinating fossils! Alex Liu explains where the first animals evolved from, Stephanie Pierce describes how animals first crawled out of the oceans and Jon Tennant digs into how the dinosaurs died out. The team also answer questions like how big are fossilied spiders? Plus, Dave Ansell and Kate Lamble break down bones and discover how we know how fast dinosaurs ran...

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Full Transcript

  • 03:43 - Earth's first animals

    Alex Liu explains what the fossil record tells us about how Earth's first animals developed from bacteria...

  • 15:02 - Bendy and Brittle Bones

    Bone is an incredible material - as for its weight, it can be stronger than steel. Find out why it is so strong with this kitchen science.

  • 19:14 - Climbing out of the oceans

    Stephanie Pierce explains to a live audience at the Cambridge Science Centre how life fors crawled out of the oceans....

  • 36:19 - How did the dinosaurs die out?

    Jon Tennant explains how mass extinction events changed the face of Earth's biodiversity and answers questions from the audience...



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