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Do bed bugs hibernate?

Sun, 11th Nov 2012

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Cameron via text asked:

How long do bed bugs hibernate and is it wise to take rags or curtains from a flat thatís been treated for bed bugs?


Toby -   They donít really hibernate and itís now more that in the winter, we have these constant room temperatures, so the temperature drop isnít that big an issue.

Chris -   Clive, anything to add?  Should you strip the room, get rid of the curtains as well, asks Cameron?

Clive -   Where we have a deep seated infestation and if we have items that can't be treated by the means, then yes, disposal of infested items may be a route to go down.  But in general, most items can be treated either with insecticide or with heat treatment.  But as Toby said, higher temperatures you need to get with the domestic electric blanket.  Weíre looking at typically 55 Ė 60 degrees will be enough to cause bed bug mortality.


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