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Sat, 29th Oct 2005

Part of the show UFOs, Mars and Space Science


Debbie in Norwich asked:

In 1993 or 1994 during the darkest part of winter, I went outside and looked up. The sky was quite clear and there was a silver cigar shaped object that flew overhead at the level of a reasonably low flying aircraft. A few days later there was an article in the paper saying police had also seen a UFO.


Cigar-shaped objects are some of the most commonly sighted UFOs that are seen. Another common shape is a large triangular UFO. I think to a certain extent, the shape you will perceive will depend on the angle from which you are observing it. Also, I don't know whether you were observing this thing through glass, but sometimes this can have a distorting effect. It's interesting that you mention the police saw something too, because when I was working on the UFO project, sightings by trained observers such as military personnel were very important.


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