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Sun, 6th Feb 2005

Part of the show Stem Cells & Stem Cell Therapy


Bob asked:

Do we have stem cells when we're adults? How long do they last ? Can't specialised cells divide ?


- Roger - I dare say we have stem cells in our bodies throughout our lives. We need stem cells on parts of our body that get worn out quickly and thus need replacing all the time. The skin is an example of this. We need to work out how to make these stem cells work better. By and large, specialised cells stop dividing once thy have finished their specialisation.

- Huseyin - The problem with the brain is that even though we know the stem cells are there and that they are kicked into action when there is damage, there aren't enough of them. If there were, people would be able to get better if they have a brain disease or brain trauma. Specialised brain cells just don't have the capacity to divide again.


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