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Is it OK to explore ships wrecked during the war time?

Sun, 4th Dec 2011

Part of the show Underwater Archaeology and Underwater Welding


Malcolm from Lowestoft asked:

What are your views on exploring ships that were wrecked during the war time? Is it OK to explore these?


We posed this question to Dave Parham from Bournemouth University....

Dave -  The coast of the UK are littered with wrecks from both wars which are extensively dived on by amateur divers and occasionally investigated by archaeologists. 

Several of these wrecks are like the Royal Oak and the Vanguard in Scapa Flow are actually protected as designated sites because of their amount of human loss on them. 

Personally, I think that as long as people don't interfere with the war-dead, I don't see an issue with people accessing these sites.  Its no different really to the trench systems in the Northern France where people still walk across fields there although we know that there are bodies within the fields.


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just asking why do u you even want to search the ship wreaks? gary, Thu, 8th Dec 2011

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