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Puffa Jacket Tents

Sun, 10th Mar 2002

Part of the show Joe Herbert discusses the Brain, Stress and Depression

Last year the cold killed hundreds of people in refugee camps in Afghanistan - but a Cambridge scientist is hoping to change this. Next week Joseph Ashmore will travel to Afghanistan to test out a new kind of tent lining which he has developed along with a team of engineers and scientists from Cambridge University. The high-tech lining consists of a sandwich of polyester wadding, just like you would find in a puffa jacket, with a layer of polyester in the middle. It is breathable, cheap and light, and the tent's occupants will need 75% less fuel to keep warm. The lining has already been tested in a wind tunnel simulating a gale force wind - but the true test will come in Herat, Afghanistan, where they will be used for real to see how well they perform.


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