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Mon, 9th Jan 2012

Sounds like a Stradivarius?

Acoustic and Electric Violins (c) Rottweiler @ Wikipedia

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear about the new spacecraft in orbit around the moon, an implant that can generate electricity inside the body of a cockroach and the scientific way to sound out a Stradivarius.  Plus, a promising new vaccine against Hepatitis C, and a roundup of the other science hitting the headlines...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:17 - GRAIL Settles In Around the Moon

    A pair of new American spacecraft entered orbit about the Moon over the new year period, with the aim of measuring the Moon's gravitation field in unprecedented detail...

  • 03:46 - Cockroach fueled battery

    A fuel cell has been developed which can run off the sugars in an insect....

  • 06:46 - Explosive X-ray diffraction

    A new method of determining the structure of a crystal has been developed which can measure the structure even though it causes the samples to explode...

  • 09:13 - Stradivarius reputation bows under pressure

    The reputation of the famous Stradivarius and Guaneri names on violins has been dented by a new study showing that, in a blind test, musical professionals cannot tell the renowed instruments from modern counterparts.

  • 13:14 - Chimp Viruses Vaccinate Against Hepatitis C

    Over 170 million people are infected with Hepatitis C worldwide and at the moment there is no effective vaccine. But now scientists may have found a way to protect people by adding parts of the hepatitis C virus to a harmless virus that normally infects chimpanzees...

  • 19:41 - Spiderworms, Exploring Vents, Clues to deafness and Bulking up!

    Silkworms producing spider silk, new species discovered at hydrothermal vents in Antarctica, a gene providing new insight to deafness and the science behind bulking up this new year...



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