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Mon, 30th May 2011

Finding ourselves with echolocation

A Big Brown Bat (c) National Science Foundation

This week, how humans locate themselves using echolocation, an attractive new prospect for magnetic materials and a new method of unclogging arteries. Plus new insight into the shape of an electron and how a bit of culture could bring a lot of happiness!

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  • 00:16 - How human brains can echolocate

    Researchers from Ontario this week have identified which parts of the brain are involved in human echolocation. Traditionally associated with bats, whales and sonar, echolocation is a technique used to find one’s position by bouncing sound off surfaces and waiting for the echo.

  • 02:41 - Attractive new magnetic material

    A material that temporarily transforms itself into a "permanent" magnet when a small voltage is applied has been discovered by scientists in Japan. Although substances with similar behaviours have been described before, these have worked in this way only at super-low temperature...

  • 05:37 - The Shape of the Electron

    What is round and measures 1 billionth of a millimetre across? Yes, you guessed it, it’s the electron. Theories have predicted that these particles should be spheres, but proving this has been tricky. Now after 10 years of trying, a team at Imperial College London have succee...

  • 12:29 - Being a Culture Vulture makes for a Happy Vulture

    This week, researchers from Norway have reported that people who take part in or attend ‘cultural’ activities tend to have better physical and mental health. And cultural activities are defined as creative – such as playing music or drawing; and they’re defined as receptive – su...



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