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Sun, 11th Jul 2010

The problem of oil spills

Deepwater Horizon fire (c) US Coast Guard Marine Photobank

To launch this brand new podcast series, Naked Oceans ventures beneath the waves to investigate the impacts of oil spills on the marine environment. We hunt down the hidden world of microbes in Louisiana wetlands, trace the fingerprint of oil in the open oceans, and discuss the likely fallout from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And 14 years on, we meet some of the survivors of the Sea Empress Oil Spill in the Welsh coast. And we invite Carl Safina to choose our first Critter of the Month.

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  • 02:48 - Sharks with superbugs

    Drug-resistant superbugs have been found inside sharks and fish showing that our flushed medicines are making their way into the marine food chain.

  • 04:43 - Glowing corals lend a hand to microscopy

    A protein that glows both red and green has been extracted from Lobophyllia coral offering a powerful new tool for high-resolution microscope studies.

  • 10:20 - Gulf of Mexico spill and the Louisiana wetlands

    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill added to the long list of problems that already threaten the Louisiana wetlands. Robinson Fulweiler from Boston University tells us about the importance of these ecosystems including the vital, hidden world of wetland microbes.

  • 17:49 - Catching up with the Sea Empress Oil spill

    In 1996 the Sea Empress tanker ran aground spilling oil onto 120 miles of Welsh coastline. Helen visits West Angle Bay - one of the worse hit beaches - to meet Robin Crump and find out how the spill affected the rocky shores. And we meet a rare starfish that was almost wiped out...

  • 25:00 - Tracing the effects of oil in the open ocean

    Oil spills not only cause problems for the shores they wash up on but also impact open ocean ecosystems. Amy Hirons invites us into the planktonic world and tells us about her studies tracing the fingerprint of oil throughout the marine food web.

  • 32:01 - Critter of the Month - Bluefin Tuna

    Blue Ocean Institute president, Carl Safina, chooses our first critter of the month.

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