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Sun, 17th Jan 2010

Does farting make you weigh less?

Burning questions (c) Original Image - D. McAbee

Can sea water keep roads frost-free? Why does the LHC need to be so cold? How does antifreeze work and what's the freezing point of beer? This week we run the risk of frostbite to tackle the coolest science questions as well as warming up in the hot tub to hear what household appliances devour the most power! We also find out how researchers are growing stem cells from umbilical cord blood, the scientific reason why a needle is so hard to find in a haystack, and how the smell of a fertile women boosts a man's testosterone. Plus, do people really look like their pets?

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  • 25:41 - Why are my windows so drafty?

    Why are my windows so drafty? My understanding of the second law of thermodynamics is that heat moves from a hot body to a cold one. So, can you explain to me why cold air is flowing into my very nice warm room through a gap in a badly fitted window? Iíve proved that cold air ...

  • 26:52 - Were medieval people less smelly?

    When comparing medieval times to present day, the lack of hygiene back then seems pretty offensive. Were people then just not as smelly as we are today? In other words, does the processing additives, antibiotics and hormones in the food that we have today for instance affect ou...

  • 37:25 - Who uses the most electricity?

    I'm actually having a little bit of an argument with my husband at the moment regarding our electricity bill. Itís almost doubled in the last year, and he seems to think that itís because I leave the lights on constantly. I disagree. I think that itís possibly the fact that he...

  • 40:57 - Why does the LHC need to be so cold?

    Yeah, Gíday. I'm Greg from Australia. I got a question about the Large Hadron Collider, I was hoping you could answer. I'm curious about the temperatures that they run the experiments at. Just wanted to know if you could explain why the temperatures are so low. I think itís ...

  • 60:06 - Do all satellites orbit in the same direction?

    Do all satellites around a planet, star, etc orbit in the same direction? If so, why?

  • 61:16 - Do people look like their pets?

    Itís often said that people resemble their pets or vice versa; is this a phenomenon that's been studied? Do people choose pets that resemble them, or is this a matter of us noticing when people do resemble their pets and forgetting when they don't...?



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i love pod casts on the gcse bbc bitesize website! =] me, Sun, 17th Jan 2010

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