Don't drink and dress !!!...(Plastic bottles make clothes !!)

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Dearest all,

How do they turn these ?


into this ?


Did ewe know that plastic bottles becomes clothes ?..I didn't !!

How do they do that ?...

Don't keep that info bottled up...!!...I won't be attired of your answers !! (LOL....sorry...humour is getting worse !!..but.....ewe luff it really !!....don't ya ?)

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Don't drink and dress !!!...(Plastic bottles make clothes !!)
« Reply #1 on: 01/10/2007 05:44:33 »
Yes indeedy we do!

I do believe a lot of synthetics are made from recycled plastics!

They make tons of things like this!

There are all types of plastic fabrics like PV fabrics and PC fabrics. Also exports table tops, shopping bags, table mats, caps and knitted garments.
Lots of sports wear and swim wear and others..
I believe it is combined with cottons as well as other fabrics.

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