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27 September 2021

A new supercomputer built in Cambridge is the fastest yet in the UK. It will be dedicated to advanced research in the...

03 September 2021

Words like “test tube” or “designer” summon visions of sci-fi dystopias. But what's the reality?

25 August 2021

If the pandemic has taught us anything it's that most of us are terrible at judging risks...

17 August 2021

Over 180 million people have been infected more than 10 million people have died from Covid-19...

06 August 2021

I was excited to refine my science communication skills with The Naked Scientists and I was not disappointed

19 July 2021

Is the COVID-19 chapter ever going to be over?

02 July 2021

More bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics – here's how viruses and vaccines could help

25 June 2021

Most of us became more online, but this exacerbated the 'digital divide' and may make us unhappier

18 June 2021

For the most carbon-intensive industries, using green energy won't be enough. They need to recycle CO2 as well

17 June 2021

Are you a budding broadcaster doing a physical sciences PhD with a desire to communicate more powerfully?

11 June 2021

Turning hard-to-recycle plastic into filaments for 3D printing could help our waste problem

10 June 2021

Bacteria found in mud volcanoes could recycle rare metals from e-waste and turn methane into biofuel

30 May 2021

Why ignoring the physical consequences of mental ill-health is a risk...

28 May 2021

Commonly used drugs passed through human bodies could be harming wildlife

27 May 2021

Chemists are trying to build sophisticated molecular machines

12 May 2021

Foldable, organic and easily broken down: Why DNA is the material of choice for nanorobots

06 May 2021

With rollouts occurring around the world, what are some of the benefits of mixing vaccine doses?

30 April 2021

Studying megathrust quakes and their triggers

26 April 2021

In Europe, trust in automated vehicles remains low

19 April 2021

Getting enough sleep is vital for health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do...

16 April 2021

Using new materials to make more recyclable, less-noisy ships

15 April 2021

Face masks have their place, but what's really needed right now is a breath of fresh air and a dose of common...

14 April 2021

How we’re gearing up to deflect asteroids that might cause Earth considerable damage

08 April 2021

Are the genes that helped us triumph historically now sowing the seeds of our metabolic undoing in the time of Covid-19?