Meet the team

Managing Editor

Chris Smith is a medical consultant specialising in clinical microbiology and virology at Cambridge University and its teaching hospital, Addenbrooke's. He is also a Fellow Commoner at Queens' College, Cambridge.

Chris started the Naked Scientists radio show, podcast... Read more


Georgia is a zoology graduate, with a particular interest in palaeontology and sloths. When not writing or talking about science, Georgia enjoys going to zoos, eating watermelon and (more recently) whittling.

Presenter, The Naked Scientists and Naked Genetics

Kat Arney is a freelance science writer and broadcaster based in London, when she's not off playing the harp and the spoons. Previously she worked as a science information officer for the charity Cancer Research UK in London. Kat completed her degree and PhD at Cambridge... Read more


Tom is a full-time producer for the Naked Scientists and is also in charge of the weekly video podcast Naked Maths. He completed his PhD in applied maths at the University of Cambridge in 2016. Before that he spent four years at the University of Oxford also studying maths.... Read more


Katie is a Pharmacology graduate with a background in Science Communication. Originally from Sheffield, she’s worked in Brighton and most recently in London where she’s studying for an MSc in Science Communication. When not on the airwaves, she’ll either be singing or talking... Read more


Izzie Clarke completed a Masters in Physics at the University of Nottingham and went on to produce programmes for BBC. When she's not reading about sizeable stellar objects or minuscule molecular ions, Izzie's scouting out the latest new music or thinking about pizza. ... Read more