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14 February 2020

What helps a zoo pull in the punters?

14 February 2020

How big a diamond could you make with the carbon in a piece of coal?

13 February 2020

Charcoal incorporated into mud wasp nests has timestamped important indigenous art in Australia's Kimberley region...

08 February 2020

The World Health Organisation declare the Chinese coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency. Chris Smith returns...

06 February 2020

Chris Smith's appearance on Radio New Zealand National, January 2020

06 February 2020

Does running a mile every day help keep primary school children from gaining weight?

02 February 2020

Hate cleaning? Wish things just wouldn’t get dirty? This technology might help...

30 January 2020

Where did the disease come, and how far might it spread?

29 January 2020

Scientists unveil to new strategies to rid the body of HIV...

24 January 2020

Weather forecasters are big fans of the wind measurement data coming from the Aeolus satellite...

21 January 2020

A breakthrough in motor neuron disease shows how different forms might have the same underlying cause...

21 January 2020

We hear what Doug Cockle to find out what he thinks of the latest Netflix TV show...

15 January 2020

Cigarette consumption is dropping, but so is people's desire to quit...

12 January 2020

Do you also find it difficult to control what you eat? Scientists have made bacteria not need food at all...

03 January 2020

For the first time, scientists have found evidence of a giant, Neptune-size planet orbiting a white dwarf star

30 December 2019

Veronica Taylor tells us what it's like being the voice of Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon TV series.

24 December 2019

What's the advantage of hanging onto your leaves year-round?

23 December 2019

How did the tradition begin? And what's got the best carbon footprint, a real tree, or a plastic one?

19 December 2019

Tuberculosis is treatable but time-consuming... could AI burst through the bottleneck?

18 December 2019

So how does measles suppress the immune system?

17 December 2019

Living in poor conditions is linked to depression in men, but anxiety in women...

10 December 2019

The complete tale of one man's escape from one of the most terrifying forces of nature...

09 December 2019

We explore what a carbon neutral future entails, and why we cannot afford to dither any longer...

29 November 2019

Why might someone need a new kidney, and what's involved in the process?