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20 October 2020

Do our skin and hair prefer it soft? What about our teeth and bones? Time to weigh up this watery wrangle...

05 October 2020

We have adrenaline to send us into 'fight or flight' mode, and many insects are great at flight

28 September 2020

Listener Margaret noticed the difference between sweat when she exercises, and sweat when she's nervous...

21 September 2020

And does being in space affect your body clock?

07 September 2020

We're talking about "latchkey incontinence" this week...

24 August 2020

Six-year-old Jonathan sent us this question after it stumped his dad...

17 August 2020

Light travels faster than sound, but do we perceive it faster too?

10 August 2020

Can you help the environment by burying your paper?

20 July 2020

Shampoo bottles say you should wash twice. Is there any science to that?

13 July 2020

The UK government has provided more than a billion items of PPE - why so much?

06 July 2020

What makes instant coffee disappear so quickly into hot water?

29 June 2020

If identical twins have children with identical twins, how related are all the children?

15 June 2020

If dimpled golf balls fly better, why aren't there dimpled planes?

08 June 2020

Is there any research on the antiviral properties of saponins?

01 June 2020

Are astronauts still going to and from the International Space Station? A flight surgeon answers...

26 May 2020

Do electrons leave their atoms to make electric current?

19 May 2020

Do we all have the same number of nerve endings in our skin, regardless of body size?

20 April 2020

Babies get their helpful bacteria when they're born. Does the same happen to a C-section baby?

06 April 2020

Listener Jon keeps his pet frogs in a terrarium. If he sealed it, who would win: the frogs or the plants?

16 March 2020

Fusion could be the most sustainable source of energy in the future. But how much can we get out of it?

02 March 2020

Bigger dog, bigger brain - does that mean a great dane is cleverer than a chihuahua?

24 February 2020

Can my kitchen sponges be used forever if I microwave them or put them in the dishwasher?

10 February 2020

Sick of sunburn? Could it be your immune system?

27 January 2020

When will the Earth's magnetic field next flip? Will it cause problems for our technology?