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20 September 2021

We know dogs and other pets get the urge to scratch, but what about amphibians?

13 September 2021

As our Universe expands, light stretches and so loses energy... but where does this energy go?

03 September 2021

From digestion to absorption to incorporation: how long does it take for food to become part of us?

16 August 2021

We rely on different forms of memory everyday, find out how much of the brain is dedicated to it...

09 August 2021

From 2 to many more, how do ladybirds end up with different numbers of spots on their backs?

30 July 2021

It's hot, it flows, but is it wet?

16 July 2021

Dogs lick their fur too, so why don't they get hairballs?

08 July 2021

Why are mountaintops cold if hot air rises?

05 July 2021

Could playing bagpipes help to expand the lungs and be beneficial if you are recovering from Covid?

23 June 2021

Why are crocodile scales so bumpy and not smooth?

14 June 2021

Density, pressure... it's a physics conundrum! The Cambridge Science Centre's Mia Foulkes has the answer...

07 June 2021

They say no two snowflakes are the same. Is that true?

24 May 2021

Cooking can take the vitamins out of food. But could it take the bad stuff out of unhealthy food?

17 May 2021

Trent's dog always relieves itself on the same tyre. He's wondering if it will ever dissolve the rubber...

10 May 2021

You come home after being out in the bitter cold, and there's a fly. How'd it get there?

26 April 2021

How does data get compressed without any getting lost? A data scientist explains...

16 April 2021

Quantum hats on! This week's 'exciting' question is about particle physics...

12 April 2021

Even after you wash your hands, they can still burn if you rub your eyes, why is that?

29 March 2021

How did humans end up with 46 chromosomes, and mice with 40?

22 March 2021

Do sheep grow weary with grass? Do pandas balk after too much bamboo? Katie Haylor investigates...

17 March 2021

Why are some batteries rechargeable, while others are not?

01 March 2021

If you look at a normal movie with one eye dimmed by sunglasses, why does it look 3D?

22 February 2021

Throughout history, how does nutrition affect the rich and the poor?