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27 June 2022

We investigate the science of shipping container scanners and the shocking situation a listener encountered...

06 June 2022

Is it better for our brains to call people instead of use text-based communication?

26 May 2022

With spring and summer flowers in full bloom, we look at why countryside smells sometimes aren't smelt.

23 May 2022

Can acid destroy more than just the materials of a spring?

16 May 2022

Can we harness the rotation of our planet to generate electricity similar to wind turbines?

25 April 2022

Can fully charged batteries replace our training weights for daily exercises?

11 April 2022

With electric cars becoming more popular, what are the limitations of this exciting new technology?

28 March 2022

What are scientists actually looking for when trying to discover a diseased gene?

21 March 2022

The age of moon rocks may not be as relatively simple as assumed.

11 March 2022

This head scratcher has left us all itching to find the answer.

08 March 2022

Do accents change the way you talk to yourself?

21 February 2022

Is there any science behind the behaviour of school students being affected by the moon similar to werewolves?

10 February 2022

It's not like they can wrap up warm & drink some hot tea.

26 January 2022

We focus in and reflect on how this star feature of the telescope is maintained.

24 January 2022

What gives stars that shimmering quality, and why do their colours differ?

19 January 2022

Is it difficult to chill with the cold embracing your feet?

26 November 2021

Ants in your pants is no laughing matter...

22 November 2021

How do nations prevent collisions between spacecraft? Is there a space traffic control?

08 November 2021

Which is better for the environment; shop bought tomatoes or home-grown?

02 November 2021

The invisible stuff is an essential part of our universe, but is it made of individual particles or lumps?

18 October 2021

If I have different colour eyes, will my children have different coloured eyes too?

05 October 2021

Why do we acquire lifelong immunity against some pathogens but not others?

04 October 2021

We've all seen bodies ejected into space during sci-fi films, but what would happen to the grizzly remains?

20 September 2021

We know dogs and other pets get the urge to scratch, but what about amphibians?