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03 December 2019

Is fat worse than sugar? Can you die of a broken heart? Is the universe really expanding?

29 November 2019

Why might someone need a new kidney, and what's involved in the process?

29 November 2019

And did a burger on top of my normally vegetarian diet cause my belly ache?

28 November 2019

In response to an earlier story about planting trees for climate change - it's more complex than it seems...

26 November 2019

How far away are we from growing transplantable organs in the lab?

25 November 2019

The more diverse the carbon compounds in a lake are, the more greenhouse gases it seems to emit...

25 November 2019

We dive into the reasons behind why sea levels go up in some parts of the world and go down in others.

22 November 2019

And if dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why the need to get so close to another dog's bum to sniff it?

21 November 2019

Sensitive to stomach acid, it only releases vitamins inside you but protects them in the packet and cooking pot...

21 November 2019

What's the attraction of simulator games? We find out with Bee Simulator (yes really)!

20 November 2019

What exactly is a gut feeling?

19 November 2019

Based on the proteins the bacteria express when they infect, a new vaccine can block lethal Staph infections...

19 November 2019

The deadly serious science of custard, including sports bra technology and explosions...

18 November 2019

Why might mosquitoes prefer to munch on certain people?

18 November 2019

It's not just humans that have a complex social structure...

15 November 2019

What did the second man-made object to leave the solar system detect as it entered intergalactic space...

15 November 2019

And is it true that joints hurt more in the cold?

14 November 2019

We’re diving into the stuff that makes up two thirds of the Earth’s surface...

12 November 2019

We look at science that may change how we do medicine

11 November 2019

We discover how computer modelling works, what can go wrong, and how computer scientists can help improve the recipe...

10 November 2019

What would a house on Mars look like?

08 November 2019

And why do some things smell appealing, but not others? Does engine oil have a best-before date? Can hiccups be life-...

07 November 2019

When oil companies dispose of wastewater deep underground, earthquakes get more common and more dangerous...

05 November 2019

What do blind people "see"? Who should colonise Mars? And why don't sleeping birds fall out of trees?