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16 April 2024

A tribute to the great theoretical physicist, who has passed away aged 94.

12 April 2024

Plus, a bluetooth pancreas that could change thousands of lives

09 April 2024

The fight to keep our food and save our planet

07 April 2024

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner play retro games, and new games inspired by the classics.

05 April 2024

Plus, the special vision behind virtuoso sporting performance...

05 April 2024

How diabetics can dodge dangerous blood sugar levels...

05 April 2024

Plus, a frog that looks like a log

02 April 2024

New synthetic opioids, many times stronger than heroin, have appeared in the UK illicit supply...

29 March 2024

The first soft Moon landing since 1972, and powering a future Moonbase...

28 March 2024

The world leading memory expert gives an extended interview...

26 March 2024

The costs of Alzheimer's, and the hope for future treatments

22 March 2024

What are the tides like on watery moons in the solar system?

18 March 2024

How can we deal with the potential expansion of tick populations?

15 March 2024

Plus, we look back on the life of Paul Alexander, who lived inside an iron lung for 70 years...

15 March 2024

How can you stop someone from snoring?

14 March 2024

Surely the wall facing side is a waste of energy...