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01 December 2023

And whether humans might one day be able to live forever...

24 November 2023

Why can you see the moon in the day sometimes?

17 November 2023

Also, why do moths have dusty wings?

14 November 2023

Plus, does Dr Chris believe in God, and is there a secret to reversing ageing...

10 November 2023

Why do golf balls have dimples? What is a headache?

03 November 2023

Plus, are dogs smarter than cats?

27 October 2023

How do parrots mimic sounds?

20 October 2023

Also, does a change in the weather lead to joint pain?

13 October 2023

Also, why do golf balls have dimples?

06 October 2023

And what is the difference between old and new vaccines?

29 September 2023

Also, why are dreams so believable? And can sunflowers absorb radiation?

22 September 2023

Why do most mammals have four limbs? What will happen when the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide?

15 September 2023

Also, how does colour blindness work? And is there anything dangerous about mobile phones?

08 September 2023

And why are DNA tests never 100% accurate?

01 September 2023

Why does my nose itch when I brush my teeth?

25 August 2023

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

18 August 2023

And why is my dog biting holes in its belongings?

11 August 2023

Why do I find it difficult to fall asleep in a new environment? Did the moon landing really happen?

04 August 2023

Also, should you drink re-boiled water? and how do bees know who to attack?

28 July 2023

Are some women more susceptible to morning sickness? Can smelling experiences differ between people?

21 July 2023

Also, how long do DNA samples last for?

14 July 2023

Why are more people right hand dominant? How did diseases evolve in tandem across continents?

07 July 2023

Also, what does the Adam's apple do? And what causes a spring tide?