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05 July 2024

Plus, does hitting someone on the head actually knock them out? And can nuclear rods power spaceships?

28 June 2024

Also, Does lying on your left side actually benefit anything?

21 June 2024

Also, what is monkeypox? And why does alcohol help a hangover?

07 June 2024

Also, when did our tail become a coccyx? And what causes the magnetic field?

24 May 2024

What causes Alzheimer's disease?

17 May 2024

Why do we scratch our heads when we're thinking?

10 May 2024

And was Dr Chris ever on the Cambridge rowing team...

03 May 2024

Why are vehicle batteries rectangular?

26 April 2024

Plus, what is macular degeneration? And why do people lose their sense of smell?

19 April 2024

Plus, which animals have the best memories? And where could we go when Earth becomes uninhabitable?

22 March 2024

What are the tides like on watery moons in the solar system?

15 March 2024

How can you stop someone from snoring?

08 March 2024

Also, could we live on Titan? And did COVID come from a lab?

23 February 2024

Also, why are lightning strikes noisy? And how do astronauts' bodies change after a long time in space?

16 February 2024

Also, why do birds stand on one leg? and why does hearing water make you need the toilet?

26 January 2024

How do some birds learn to talk?