The latest genetics news and breakthroughs from the DNA world. Join us to take a look inside your genes...

14 September 2020

Bugs do it. And vertebrates - and even humans. How do you eat poison and get away with it?

18 August 2020

Birds can do amazing things. Let's take a look under the wing...

15 July 2020

Meet the phenomenon that seems to help females live longer, see colour better, and even survive COVID-19...

14 June 2020

We take a look at the trendy world of fermented foods. Are they actually good for you? And if so, why?

14 May 2020

Meet ACE2, the protein in the pandemic spotlight - protector, turned betrayer...

14 April 2020

Underneath this global pandemic is a tiny string of genetic code, whose sequence reveals its nature...

14 March 2020

Direct to consumer DNA tests are excellent at uncovering family history - and family secrets...

20 February 2020

FOXG1 Syndrome is one of the rarest genetic disorders out there. Now, meet the people fighting it...

13 January 2020

We got a Christmas present: a small tube of dead flies. Can DNA crack the case?

14 December 2019

The story of the largest ever study of African people's genetics - and the ethical issue that came after...

14 November 2019

We’re diving into the stuff that makes up two thirds of the Earth’s surface...

14 October 2019

This month on the show, the biggest whole-genome project ever. We're talking in the quadrillions...

14 September 2019

Dogs with flat faces often struggle to breathe. What's going on in their genes? Plus, we sequence a puppy...

14 August 2019

Time to go back to the monk who started at all. But all is not as it seems...

24 March 2019

George Church joins Chris Smith to talk genomes decoding, mammoth DNA and xenotransplantation...

21 December 2018

What is the fallout from the world's first GM babies?

14 April 2018

We’re returning to the scene of the crime with another look at the latest from the world of forensic genetics.

14 March 2018

We’re off to a festival but you don't need to pack your tent or wellies - DNA is the headliner here.

14 February 2018

It's CSI Naked Genetics, as we find out how genetic technology is used to solve crimes.

14 January 2018

We take a trip back to the womb - and before - to find out about early development.

14 December 2017

We find out how genetic advances are shaping the future of healthcare. Plus, signposts for bees and an operatic gene of...

14 November 2017

We’re off to the zoo to meet some lovelorn laughing thrushes, endangered snails, and the Cilla Black of Sumatran Tigers.

14 October 2017

Your pet cat or dog is a mammal, as are whales, lemurs, pandas and polar bears. But what exactly is a mammal anyway?

14 September 2017

Would you ever consider donating your genome to research? We meet a man who has, and find out why.