Did the first Americans come from Europe 17000 years ago?

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Hellmuth Christian Stuven asked the Naked Scientists:

Great podcast. I still have 60 podcasts of yours to listen to...

I have previously studied human evolution and migration. In regards to The Genographic Project and gene markers, I would very MUCH like to get confirmed the scientific suggestions in a film (http://joost.com/081000k), which states that 1/4 of the native Americans have the same gene marker as Europeans.

That, along with archaeological discoveries and models about sea streams during the last ice age, is used to suggest that the first humans in North America must have been Europeans 17.000 years ago.

What do other geneticists and archaeologist say to that?

Hellmuth Christian Stuven

What do you think?


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Did the first Americans come from Europe 17000 years ago?
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well as the british ruled the Americans during ww1 thats when they;re in europe but of coarse when they beat the british for independence they won that piece of land and lived there so yeah
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