Pioneers 10 space probe slowdown

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Pioneers 10 space probe slowdown
« on: 20/05/2008 04:26:37 »
   Mystery of Pioneers  10  space probe slowdown

  Pioneers  10 space probe deceleration problem is that the 21st century physics major world problems. Many scientists put forward many theories to explain this problem, but no one is recognized the world theory. However,  in  China has solved the problem, after more than 20 years of testing, Mr Zhu that "pioneers 10" in  flight delays and there has been a "vortex force" a direct relationship,Mr Zhu not only proved the existence of such a force, but also that a new formula gravitational
F = Fn + Ft
To the weight of Fn = GMm / r ^ 2  -
Tangential component [of the scroll] Ft = kGMm ω Cos α / r ^ 2
K = 0.4 for one factor, the unit:  sec / cycle; ω is the angular velocity rotating ball, the unit: cycle / sec; α to the orbital inclination.
With the gravity of this new formula can be explained and calculated "pioneers  10" slowdown issue
1. Qualitative analysis:
   "Pioneers  10" "pioneers  11" and "Galileo," are in the Earth launched from Earth to detect Jupiter,that although awey from the vortex force around Earth, but still in the vortex force around sun ; Near the from the Sun, the vortex force of Earth's  orbit around the sun is bigger than Jupiter's orbit, that  vortex force is small. To the Earth's orbit around the turn as a frame of reference to the observation orbit around Jupiter spacecraft felt that the slowdown.
2 quantitative analysis:
 Earth's rotation velocity ω e = 1.16 × 10 ^- 5 laps / sec.   
 solar rotation period of 25 days
 Solar rotation velocity ω s = ω e/25 ,
 quality of the mass of the sun and Earth: Ms = 3.3 × 10^5 Me
 Earth radius Re = 6.4 × 10 ^3km
 Earth to the sun distance: ds-e = 1.5 × 10^8 km
 Jupiter distance to the sun: ds-j = 7.78 × 10^8 km
 To the sun as the center of the earth to orbit near the vortex edge:
 Ft-e = GMsm ω skCos α /  ds-e^2 (Cos α ≈ 1, m for the spacecraft weight, coefficients for k = 0.4 sec / cycle;) ①
 In orbit around Jupiter to the sun by the vortex of the Ft-j:
(Ft-j / Ft-e) = (ds-e / ds-j)^2   ②
 To the Earth's orbit around the turn as a frame of reference to the observations of Jupiter, the spacecraft orbit around the deceleration of Ft:
 Ft = Ft-e-Ft-j =1.08× 10^-10 Fne

 surface of the Earth Gravity: Fne=GM e /R e ^2 
 This conclusion is closer to the data from scientists of the United States .
  NASA launched the "pioneer of 10" 4 spacecraft slowdown issues since entering the new century the major celestial mechanics, It questioned Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation is accurate and powerful, It proved Kepler's idea of the gravity, the general theory of relativity proved that the "framework gravitational drag" forecast, It also scroll (the tangential component of gravity that is) the accuracy of the formula provide a more precise criteria.
1.“mysterious vortex force- gravity partner  ”Books Author: Zhuyonghuan Publisher: 21st Century Publishing House - China 2005.3

2."With  Cavendish torsion balance experiment measuring gravity tangential component "in" physical communications 2002.9 "


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Pioneers 10 space probe slowdown
« Reply #1 on: 04/06/2008 10:40:52 »
10 Mysteries of the cosmos
5. Was Einstein wrong?
Well, was Newton wrong? His theory of gravity is accurate enough to fly spacecraft to the moon. It only breaks down at extremely high velocities or in very strong gravitational fields. That?s where Einstein?s theory of General Relativity is a better alternative. It correctly describes the bending of star light by gravity, the orbital decay of binary pulsars, and the warping of spacetime around a black hole. In fact, General Relativity is currently physicist?s best theory of gravity.

So why all the fuss about proving Einstein right ? or wrong? It?s because history could very well repeat itself. Physicists might discover small effects that would hint at an even better theory of gravity. In fact, the unexplained decelaration of spacecraft like Pioneer 10 and 11 (which slow down more than would be expected from the combined gravity of the sun and planets) has been interpreted as evidence for new physics.

Using spacecraft telemetry and astronomical observations, many sensitive tests of General Relativity have been carried out over the past years and decades. So far, Einstein passed all those tests with flying colours. But physicists will keep putting his theory on the rack, and one day it may fail ? not really wrong, but imcomplete.
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Pioneers 10 space probe slowdown
« Reply #2 on: 04/06/2008 21:53:34 »
More mundane theories have been put forward than defects in general relativity to account for the anomalous behavior of Pioneer 10
The most popular is that it is due to asymmetrical radiation of heat from its nuclear power generator.