Does having lights on affect a house plant's circadian rhythm?

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Ash asked the Naked Scientists:
My dad and I were wondering about the following question:

Does having lights on affect a house plant's circadian rhythm, if it has

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Since the bulbs in use in the home do not imitate natural sunlight, they have no affect on the plant's growth or biological clock. However, if you had bulbs which emitted high levels of light in the blue spectrum, such as metal halide bulbs, or another type of 'daylight' bulb, it would have an effect on the growth rate and therefore it could be reasonably expected to have a similar effect on the house plant's whole circadian rhythm.
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They work very well in marijuana factories. They can provide midsummer / equatorial conditions all the time. It fools those plants - but perhaps they're stoned all the time and it means nothing to them.