Disk Boot Error, Computer won't start without boot disc

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I recently had a problem with my computer that caused me to completely reboot my system. I had Windows Vista 32 bit at the time, so I reinstalled that. Before I reformatted, the problems I was having evolved into a Disk Boot Error. After I reformatted, I downloaded the Windows 7 upgrade and installed it. Everything on the new OS works great, but my computer still won't start without the Vista disk still in the drive. If I take it out and try to restart or power on, I get the old Disk Boot Error screen, and I have to put the disc in and restart and it works fine (after the "Press any key to start from CD/DVD" screen, of course).

I dunno what to do about this or why it's doing this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Disk Boot Error, Computer won't start without boot disc
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Download a copy of VistaBootPRO 3.3 from a file sharing site, it is a great help sorting out these sort of problems.
Start your computer with the disk that has Win7 on it and tell it to do a repair.