Albert was doubly right

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Albert was doubly right
« on: 28/11/2009 14:19:35 »
There is a new theory that introduce a discrete quantumized spacetime.

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Albert was doubly right - God cannot play dice

This book presents a new wave theory that discovers a deterministic beahviour of the energy emission in the atom and if gives us a casual derivation of  "mysterious" Fine Structure Constant, finally deduced as an integer "137".

An inevitable, harmless and minor changes of General Relativity is conclusive to unite the world of quantum phenomena, realizing the dream long pursued by Einstein in the last 30 years of his life.

The new unified theory gives us a complete understanding of quantum gravity in terms of only waves.
Replacing the basic hypothesis of the continuity of space-time, with the hypothesis of the existence of a space-time discrete and discontinuous, shows us the chance to see all properties in the area that until now have called mass and radiation waves.

A new Wave-like physical solution of the Singularity problem of self-energy allows the construction of a structured model, entirely wave structurated.
The new model explains the structure of elementary particles in the deep, whereas it discovers new wave laws in terms of the new wave theory of the Field Wave Theory, and contains within itself the physical reasons for a complete justification "deterministic" of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

With the extension of the new laws wave you discover the inevitability of the existence of a fifth force provided by the new anti-gravity theory since 1984, which was "now" is considered responsible for the recession of galaxies, as a result of accelerated expansion  Universe.

The recent observation of 28 stars, apparently nothing in orbit around the center of the galaxy, until now seen as evidence of a big black hole, proves the contrary, in light of the new theory, the impossibility of the existence of the black hole and the consistence of Fifth Antigravity Force.