An analysis of the forces required to drag sheep over various surfaces

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This is a scientific study performed by a few (bored) scientists.

While some scientists are trying to cure cancer and aids, others are saying "lets drag sheep over different surfaces and measure the resistance and then write a paper on it"....

Neilep I hope this helps you to make more efficient sheepy carpet or something.


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Presumably you think that the sheep shearers getting bad backs is just bad luck or something.
It's a perfectly valid piece of research.
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They were winners of the Ig Nobel prize in physics in 2003 for this work!

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This one sounds painful

Medicine - Presented to James F. Nolan, Thomas J. Stillwell, and John P. Sands, Jr., medical men of mercy, for their painstaking research report, "Acute Management of the Zipper-Entrapped Penis" PubMed.


It's fascinating reading in fact, thanks Jp.
Will keep me awake the whole night...
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