What would be the efficiency of a solar cell inside a mirrored sphere?

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lee bolger

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lee bolger asked the Naked Scientists:
Further to trapping light inside a mirrored sphere, would the introduction of a solar cell inside the sphere allow the cell to produce electricity more efficiently?

Lee Bolger,

Bolton, Lancs

What do you think?
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Ah, splendid idea :)

there are a few problems before you can do it, though.

1. You will need to trap it.

2. You cannot allow it to interact as that will practically 'destroy' the original light quanta, or at least force it to release a new photon, due to its interaction, which then will be 'downgraded' in energy.

So even if you fix 1. you still can't allow it to interact with the 'solarcell'.
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Even if your mirror was 99.9% efficient, light travels so fast that the energy will be dissapated almost immediately.