Does dark energy impact gravitationally bound systems like galaxy clusters?

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George Voulgaris

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George Voulgaris  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello team,

Curious to find out whether dark energy has any impact on gravitationally bound systems such as galaxy clusters or even smaller systems and, if not, why not and is this likely to change in the future?

Thanks for taking my question.

George Voulgaris
Melbourne, Australia

What do you think?
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Hi George
Well dark energy is in my view incorrectly named; it should be called the dark force. Since the Copenhagen convention physicists have considered that there was only one force in space and that is gravity. 
Incorrect thinking I think as the stars in galaxies all rotate in an orderly manner around super massive black holes.  The only force that could achieve this spinning is likely to be electromagnetic; meaning that there is a magnetic hub right at the centre of the galaxy. Some cosmologists will probably disagree.


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. Some cosmologists will probably disagree.

Most cosmologists...

Dark energy theories mainly posit interaction at huge distances rather than the short.  At small distances the em s and w will always dominate.  you can google the big rip for the alternative detailed explanations of the idea that the scale factor will become enormous possibly infinite in a finite time leading to all matter being torn apart to create a primordial soup

PS BTW George any relation to Theodore N? - the shipping man who lived in New York and passed on a few years ago
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Thereís no sense in being precise when you donít even know what youíre talking about.  John Von Neumann

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