Discuss: Why did a Laser Make My Nuts Glow?

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Discuss: Why did a Laser Make My Nuts Glow?
« on: 15/03/2011 18:33:26 »
Can you electrocute weeds? Why do teeth go wobbly? And which cells last a lifetime? In this bumper edition of the Naked Scientists, we tackle your pressing science questions and find out how the shuttle manoeuvres in space, what makes wounds itch, whether reverse osmosis can make moonshine and if static can stick a cat to a wall. Plus, how diamonds deal death to tumours, cooperation in the elephant world and an update on the Japanese earthquake situation. We also hear how a hairy leg can help you bend water to your will, and Diana discovers why potato peelers never need sharpening!
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Ken Burke

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« Reply #1 on: 13/03/2011 18:54:18 »
From New Brunswick, Canada.
Why does snow melt preferentially around the trunk of a tree, when the thaw starts as it is doing here at the moment.  Is it because the tree is a better thermal conductor or do the electric currents flowing in the tree act like an electric fire, the resistive losses being converted into heat?


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Discuss: Why did a Laser Make My Nuts Glow?
« Reply #2 on: 21/03/2011 18:35:41 »
I seem to remember reading that while some cells do indeed last a lifetime (e.g. brain cells) they have their components replaced periodically. I've heard it said that no atom in your body has been there for more that 7 years.

Are these factoids true? I wonder because they would seem to contradict the idea of "cells last a lifetime", but not necessarily (ever hear of a historic building or ship in which every splinter and nail has been replaced at some point, yet it is still somehow considered the same building?).