What is a dead leg?

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What is a dead leg?
« on: 07/07/2011 20:01:02 »
@dominicvaughan asked the Naked Scientists:
What is a dead leg...and why does it last soooo long!?

What do you think?
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What is a dead leg?
« Reply #1 on: 07/07/2011 16:54:18 »
In the USA, we talk about a leg that has fallen asleep.  Is that the same thing?  It is due to a blood flow restriction, generally caused by sitting in a position that restricts a major blood vessel, although it may also be due to pinching a nerve.

It gives a tingly-weak sensation in the affected leg, foot, or arm.  It usually resolves itself within a minute or two once the position has been changed, or you start moving.

Sitting & waiting will seem like forever.  I never wait for it to completely resolve before getting up and starting moving, which probably helps it resolve quicker, but those first few steps are sometimes awkward feeling.

Usually there are no lasting effects if this only happens occasionally, and is relatively short-lived.  Long term blood flow restrictions of several hours, or occurrences in very cold weather could theoretically cause severe consequences.

Here is some more information.