Shocked burglar and 20 Sumos

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Shocked burglar and 20 Sumos
« on: 27/04/2006 18:37:35 »

Friday, March 31, 2006
A Japanese burglar who thought he was lucky to find an unlocked door was shocked to be arrested by 20 massive sumo wrestlers who were staying at the building.  
Konoshin Kawabata, 48, was rummaging inside a room in Osaka in the early hours when he was suddenly confronted by wrestler Dewanosato, who stands 180 centimetres and weighs 131 kilograms.  
"Without thinking, my body moved," Dewanosato, whose real name is Hideyuki Kawahara, said. "I caught the guy and bear-hugged him."  
It was a citizen's arrest, said a police spokesman.  
"Mr Dewanosato immediately shouted out 'Hey!' and 'Burglar!' as he arrested the man. Then the other wrestlers woke up and came out to check things out," the spokesman said.  
The burglar, who was unemployed, admitted he was baffled to find himself among sumo wrestlers.  
"First I was caught by a massive man. When the lights turned on, I was surrounded by more than a dozen sumo wrestlers. I was surprised," Kawabata told police, as quoted by Jiji Press.  

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