Woman 'chomped' at officer's groin: court

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Woman 'chomped' at officer's groin: court
« on: 25/05/2006 15:28:26 »
Woman 'chomped' at officer's groin: court


BRACE yourself boys: you will cringe.

Police Constable Anthony Jennings certainly did when he felt a "crushing sensation" in the groin.

"Excruciating pain" were the words he used to describe the moment Maria Klaus allegedly "chomped" on his penis after a domestic violence incident in Maroochydore a year ago.

The softly spoken Const Jennings, 43, had to share possibly his worst day on the job in the Maroochydore District Court in front a jury and the woman accused of seriously assaulting him twice.

Const Jennings and Constable Leonie Scott were called to Ms Klaus' unit in Beach Parade at 5.30pm on June 12.

The pair testified that Kevin Hughes was waiting at the door of the unit and had invited them in to speak "to her".

Const Jennings said the 38-year-old Klaus appeared, wet and wrapped in a towel, and started yelling.

He said she pushed Mr Hughes hard in the chest with two hands, and twice threw a three-year-old child by one arm behind her.

Const Jennings said the first assault ensued when he placed his hand on Ms KlausíŽ left arm and told her he was detaining her under the Domestic and Family Violence Act.

He said he had trouble gripping Ms Klaus because she was naked and wet and the pair ended up on the ground.

"It was a flurry of head-butts, bites, kneeing me and punching," he said.

"There was ... gnashing of teeth. As her face was coming towards me she was snapping her teeth, chomping.

"I actually felt her nose go into my mouth. When I was on the ground I felt my face, it was covered in saliva and there was blood."

Const Jennings said he had to break his tie to release Ms Klaus' grip, whereupon she kicked him in the chest and shoulder with her feet.

"She was yelling at me that she was going to get my balls," he said.

"Even though she was small ... she was quite muscular and powerful."

More: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/storyprint.cfm?storyID=3685523

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