Hippy Hoppy Happy New Rear !!!!

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Hippy Hoppy Happy New Rear !!!!
« on: 01/01/2013 01:59:53 »
Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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Re: Hippy Hoppy Happy New Rear !!!!
« Reply #1 on: 02/01/2013 11:25:44 »
How apt!  Hand shore 2 pet sheep last week, (new rears), and on the way to the vet, with a sheep with a sore eye, last week, found a baby wallaby on the highway.  (Mother hidden from road, dead in a roadside ditch,  so hadn't been checked).  Drove the rest of the way in, with a baby wallaby, (size of a small rabbit, with supermodel legs), inside my vest. 

Good news on all fronts, from vets.

The worst sheep to come, for shearing.  I usually resemble a victim of domestic violence, by the time I've finished him.  It's like knowingly confronting a really aggro, huge, drunken Irishman, and trying to shave him all over, against his will, (except when he throws punches, he has hooves).


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Re: Hippy Hoppy Happy New Rear !!!!
« Reply #2 on: 03/01/2013 01:38:41 »
Well, shank you very much Mrs Sheepy.

Thought I'd get that one in before I get lambasted for my pignorance. Shall I make my response short and sweet, I thought, or stretch it out a bit and beef it up. Speaking from my hart, I said to my deer wife, ven is son comes around, sheepy will be in shear delight and bac on the road to Goose Green.
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