Just wanted to introduce myself....

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Just wanted to introduce myself....
« on: 19/01/2013 22:21:20 »
I'm new here, I'm a great consumer of science, not a contributor like many academics and true working scientists. I consider myself a scientist, although I'm not sure of the criteria that make it culturally acceptable. I do troubleshoot, problem solve, and employ the scientific method in my job regularly to answer questions otherwise unknowable, so maybe that will suffice.

I love studies. Any scientific study, particularly the aspects regarding controlling the environment and all variables. Reading the different creative studies that scientists come up with to help them answer complex questions is endlessly fascinating to me.


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Re: Just wanted to introduce myself....
« Reply #1 on: 19/01/2013 22:34:45 »

I hope you find the posts on this forum interesting, and informative, as well as a good place for scientific debates. 

We keep many of the "intro" threads under the Guest Book.