Theory, data time travel, quantum mechanics CPU, broadcaster, receivers?

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As we think on the new CPU that could use a single phosphorus atom and quantum mechanics for high speed processing. And we think on the explanation of wormholes by Stephen Hawking, and their size. It invites an almost "That can't be true" idea. Opening a wormhole up to the size of an atom, to make a receiver of data from a sender/broadcaster situated in the future. To receive data sent from a computer, even the same computer in the future. Using the Quantum CPU. And an enlarged wormhole.

For a test, it could hold data in security into the time of sending. To be tested free of the possibility of a time paradox.

If data could create a time paradox or time warp, what exactly would take place?

If data could be taken to alter the future, by such a person as a contemporary Winston Churchill, could the data be taken without creating a paradox, and only be seen as what become a possibility only?

In the chain of events if a time paradox happens, could it be contained, even in a computer, or would it break at the weakest link of events? Or perhaps in someone's mind?

It maybe possible also to observe history. Solve crimes...

I am a bit worried about communications with malevolent aliens.

I speculate that, a test can be carried out in which a mini time paradox can be created within the computer itself. As it reads the data from the future, alters what leads to it within itself or with only another computer, not relating to people, and any event can be monitored from without, the computers can be assessed afterwards.
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